Kimberly, Ryan and I want to thank Florida SouthWestern State College, especially Coaches Ben and DC, and Athletic Director George Sanders for honoring our special daughter, Marissa. We are also thankful for each team, coach, player and parent in attendance to celebrate the event. Marissa would be so honored.

Marissa was her brothers’ biggest fan since the day he was born, and being a fan of Ryan meant being a fan of baseball. Marissa happily went to Ryan’s practices and games, and Ryan played every sport, but baseball was his passion. Marissa was a good athlete and played tennis, golf, softball, volleyball, basketball and soccer growing up, but it was her brother that impressed in every sport and Marissa was so proud of her little brother and it showed. Marissa was very well-rounded and initiated conversations with the other parents and would sit for hours listening and talking about everything. The laughter and smiles that Marissa brought the other parents and players faces are forever etched in our minds. The Mom’s would light up when they saw Marissa and of course the boys favored her presence as well. Baseball Mom’s loved her.

Marissa was gifted in so many areas, but being genuine, interesting, kind and thoughtful were among her best qualities. She loved learning and traveling because it enhanced her knowledge and culture. She had been a senior at UNCG studying Therapeutic Recreation and had made the Dean’s list her previous semester. As previously stated, Marissa would be so honored to know Coach Ben and the wonderful people of FSW who have named this tournament to begin the baseball season in her memory. God Bless and thank you.

Marc, Kimberly and Ryan Gusto

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